Delauvin Winery

It is located in Castuera within the Ribera Alta del Guadiana subzone. This project was created to transform, develop and transmit to the consumer a product (wine), to transmit the content of the experience and passion of three generations of winemakers in the vineyard.

Delauvin Winery

Winery: Zalamea Road, 10 -  06420 Castuera (Badajoz)

Head Office:La Laguna ST, 33 - 06420 Castuera (Badajoz)

Phone:+34 630 640 383


Wineyard: Carretera de Zalamea, 10 - 06420 Castuera (Badajoz)

Head Office: Calle La Laguna, 33 - 06420 Castuera (Badajoz)

Phone: +34 630 640 383   Email:

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